Using the Nair Leg Mask

When I had first drafted this article, I was not extremely pleased with the Nair Leg Mask. But a week later, I am very impressed.

Now, I absolutely love masks. I have probably tried over 20 face masks and own quite a few bottles. Self-care, especially skin care, is something I enjoy indulging. When Nair came out with a leg mask, I knew I had to try it.

Nair was not a product that originally has worked for me. A few failed attempts in high school made me return to a razor and cream. However, I could not pass up a mask. But I remained skeptical. Therefore, I did shave my calves before using the mask, though I did not do it perfectly to leave some hair. After my shower, I put on a face mask and then put on the Nair leg mask. It was difficult to apply per the instructions. They say to use the palm of your hand, but that proved challenging. So, I did not get super even coverage. The color is nice, and the scent is just fragrant enough to cover up the chemical smell. It did burn a bit at first, but it stopped pretty quickly. I left it on for about 8 minutes, since I have course hair but also sensitive skin. This seemed like a decent amount of time. I used a damp cloth to wipe it off. Not too much hair came off, but I also did not have much hair on my calves anyway. So, I cannot accurately say much on this claim, though Nair does say to use this in between hair removal routines and not as a traditional hair remover.

At first, after rinsing, parts of my leg burned and itched a bit. I had to apply more lotion despite applying some right after my shower. My legs were kind of smooth, but I did not notice too much difference that first day. However, as the week went on, my calves were significantly smoother than they normally are. I could rub against them and it was just slick and nice. So, even though I did not feel the mask exfoliating, I did seem to remove dead skin fairly well.

Finally, after believing the mask not to remove hair well, it truly did help with regrowth. During a shower midweek when I normally shave again if necessary, I found my calves still very bare. It was pretty amazing. The stubble was minimal and thin. Normally my legs become a bit rough by midweek. But between the smoothness and lack of hair, they were still good enough to wear shorts around in.

Final opinion. Hair removal ~5/10, smoothing 8/10, and minimizing hair regrowth 9/10. Overall, my calves are doing well. I have had to be a bit more liberal with my moisturizer during the week since the itching occasionally would flare up. I would not do the mask more than once a week if not less. It works really well, though. Definitely something to patch test if you have sensitive skin. The dryness was the only downside to this product, but with infrequent use, it is a wonderful addition to both a skincare and self-care routine.