Top 3 Bell Tower Tunes

Mueller Tower is one of UNL most famous on-campus monuments. Often just referred to as “the Bell Tower,” this tower was designed by a UNL student and dedicated shortly after the Second World War. The Bell Tower was a gift from UNL Alumnus Ralph Mueller. Learn more on the UNL Historical Building website.

Decades later, the bell tower plays beautiful songs that ring across campus. Here are my favorite songs heard from the Muller Tower:

  1. The Harry Potter Theme Song. Nothing is more magical than hearing the familiar tune as you walk through a snow-covered campus. It transports you from Lincoln, Nebraska to Hogwarts.
  2. Once Upon a Dream from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I love Disney. So when I first heard this classic song on my way to class I was nearly jumping with joy and quietly singing along.
  3. The Nebraska Fight Song. On Campus, we are all Huskers. Hearing the Husker tune ring across UNL brings out the pride of being a Husker. Because we all stick together in all kinds of weather.