Radical Red Head

Michaela Minton (AKA “Mikki”) is 18 years old and a freshman at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. She currently resides in Abel 636. So if you’re looking for a friend that should be the first place to look. Currently she is undeclared but has an interest in communications with a minor in gerontology. She is involved in Chi Omega sorority and the youth group named Greekside for all the greek members here on campus. Mikki is a spunky, girly, outgoing red head. Just like her hair, she’s got a firey personality that makes you happy the second you meet her. Her sassy attitude is one I’m sure you’ll want to get to know.


What are your plans for the upcoming breaks?

"I plan to spend time with my family and friends. I have a twin brother, Alex, who goes to school in Chicago. One of my favorite parts of breaks is finally getting to see him again after being separated for such a long time."


What can always make you smile/laugh?

"My Pomeranian Poodle Layla! She’s the cutest thing and my best friend."


What would you call your style?

"Most days I look like a hobo honestly. But when I want to look cute, I have kind of a sassy, girly style. It really reflects my personality I think."


Where is your favorite place to visit?

"By far Colorado. It’s absolutely beautiful there and the weather was perfect when I went."


Best advice ever given to you?

"By yourself. Everyone else is already taken."


Aspirations for the future?

"Right now my main goal is just to get through college. After I have accomplished that, I would love to travel the world."


Guilty Pleasure:

"ICE CREAM! Mint chip, cookie dough, cookies n’ cream, honestly any flavor. I will eat them all."


Favorite Color?

"Pink! Anything pink. It’s an amazing color."


Favorite Movie?

"The Longest Ride. I still haven’t finished it but it’s already my number 1."