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During my study abroad in Krakow, Poland, I was able to take a day and travel north to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It was important to be able to experience different cities and places because life varies so much from city to city. 

I started out at the Polin Museum, the museum of Jews in Poland. It was a really modern museum with interesting and interactive exhibits. I was able to gain more history and perspective on the rich history of Jewish people throughout Poland. One thing is that is so interesting and terrible is that for centuries Jewish people had a large presence and significant role in Poland, but after World War II, the Jewish population was nearly wiped out of Poland through the holocaust and emigration. The people that contributed to much to Polish history and culture is so much less prevalent today.

Warsaw is different than Krakow for many reasons. One difference that is extremely noticeable and prevalent is the architecture in the city. Unlike Krakow, Warsaw was destroyed during World War II, so most of their original buildings were gone, and after the war, the city was rebuilt under communism. It is amazing because you can see all of the changes that Warsaw and Poland experienced in the 20th century by standing in any given spot in the city. In old town, you can see some remnants and reconstructions of the ancient city. On most streets, plain, blocky brutalist buildings stand. And modern skyscrapers with glass windows reach into the sky and can be seen all around. You can see these three distinct building types representing some of the most important changes in Poland wherever you go.

I ended the day with dinner on the Vistula River. The food good and peaceful river running along a vibrant city was a great way to end the busy day. If you are able to spend time in Warsaw, you have to see at least one of the amazing museums, such as the Polin Museum or the Warsaw Uprising Museum. I also recommend spending some time or a meal in the old town area to experience the great street vendors, food, and history. One of my favorite parts of the day was being able to relax by the river, so if you can squeeze in the time to sit at one of the riverside bars or restaurants, definitely take advantage of it. 

I am so glad I was able to spend at least a day in Warsaw because it is such a beautiful and significant city. I did not have the chance to do and see nearly half of what I wanted to see, but I guess that means I have a reason to visit again. 

Courtesy: Halie Lewin

Halie is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She likes to spend her time watching Netflix documentaries, following politics, and hanging out with her cat Luna. This is her third year writing for UNL Her Campus and her second year as the Campus Correspondent for the chapter.