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The Sticky Note Queen

Fun tips that will help mold you into a better College student…     

    Latarua Perry

All hail,

Another semester returns.

I just can’t


My soul.

In dire need!

Of resurrection,


It was the turkey.

Grandma’s sweet tea.

Oh, gosh, the pie!



By assassination…

To all motivation.

Welcome Spring Semester.

            Ladies, let’s get back into the groove! Don’t fall victim to the same system. Remember? It DIDN’T work for you last semester. Here is the brutal truth, YOU SKATED BY! If you are anything like me, you barley made it. That magical g.p.a you set out for, you failed to stick to. Late nights caught up with you. The workload at your job became hectic, and the afternoon traffic routine added nothing but extra freaking stress. Life.

NO MORE EXCUSES! (If it hurts it’s because I love you babe)


1.    Sticky Notes are vital in your survival;

–       Write down things that are important! Keep it short and sweet. (Dates, Prof. Quotes, Homework, Test dates, etc.)

2.    Motivational quotes will guide you along;

–       Vow to find a quote that will help you get through the week. Put it on the cover of a study book, laptop, or mirror. Whatever floats your boat!

3.    Get lots of rest!

–       Simple. Take your butt to bed and stop snoozing that alarm!

4.    Adopt an energy boosting workout plan;

–       Maybe one that cooperates studying? That would be cool.

5.    Squeeze in “me-time

–       Meditation… Shopping… Exploring nature… Relieving stress will definitely help lighten the load

Until next time my loves, Tarua 

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