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Nostalgia’s Effect on Today’s Trends

Everybody likes a good comeback. Sports fans, book worms, and even trendsetters. While this isn’t about your favorite team making up for a huge loss by some crazy miracle, it’s definitely worth your attention. The trends of yesterday are making a comeback and it’s huge! Old items that may have lost their appeal and usefulness from past decades are being brought back one Polaroid picture and leg warmer at a time.

I was getting ready to go out with a group of friends this past weekend and just as I was about to walk out the door I heard my friend’s mom say, “I used to wear those when I was in school! You used to tell me that those were so uncool.” What her mom was referring to was the faded denim flannel I had tied around my waist and the bright yellow scrunchie in my friend’s hair.

This got me thinking: Do things ever really go out of style?

So many things that were popular or that we used to use on a daily basis, but may have become obsolete, are being revived in today’s lifestyles. Phones are getting bigger; eyebrows are getting thicker; haircuts are getting shorter and brighter; childhood movies are being remade; and people are going back to classic vinyl records for music, and Polaroid cameras for that “vintage” or “edgy” vibe for their photos. 

Styles in fashion, such as the denim flannel and yellow scrunchie, that used to be “so uncool” seem to be making a grand re-entry from the 80s.

Another decade that is a big contributor to today’s styles is the 90s bringing back the popularity of leather jackets, combat boots, and chokers.

What does all of this mean? An article by Cassie Murdoch titled How the Fashion Trend Cycle Runs Like Clockwork talks about the Cycle of Nostalgia. Things, especially fashion, are always constantly going in and out of style because of nostalgia and designers referencing the past when they design new products and consumers who want these “throwback items”. 

What’s next? Who knows? Maybe that gaudy turtleneck your mom made you wear, hanging in the back of your closet, will be the next big thing. So don’t throw out those old gadgets and styles just yet!

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