No Poo in These Curls!

Any curly girl will attest, our hair routines are TOUGH! I wish that it was as easy as swinging through the aisles of the drugstore and tossing in the shampoo/conditioner duo that’s currently on sale.


Our hair is weird and reacts to anything and everything that touches it. Many curly girls will say that they will quit using the shampoo behind completely because it is so difficult to completely rinse out of your roots and ends up leaving residue (dandruff – yuck!). I’ve learned that my hair requires some sort of daily leave-in product, though, to help keep the frizz at bay. Well that product ends up building up on my scalp…UGH!

Long story short, I needed a shampoo to cleanse my scalp…something that wouldn’t dry out my hair….something that wouldn’t break the bank….just SOMETHING!

I scoured the internet for days until I landed on this…

DevaCurl’s “No Poo.”

This bad boy is a non-lathering, conditioning cleanser enriched with Vitamin C and orange peel extract and is built for curls!

I was surprised upon first usage as the shampoo almost has the look and consistency of a conditioner. I’ve only been using it every few days for just a few weeks now, but I can already tell a very dramatic difference. My hair feel much lighter and seems easier to control!


Curly girls, I would recommend!!