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Meet Libby Lemke- Vince Camuto Campus Manager


Meet UNL’s own Vince Camuto Campus Manager, Libby Lemke! Having an eye for fashion, she not only works with designer Vince Camuto, but also is a personal stylist for a bridal boutique known as “Blush”. Get to know our Campus Celebrity pick of the week!


What year are you?


What is your major?

Textiles, Apparel Design Communications

What activities are you involved in around campus?

Alpha Phi Sorority, montage, Cehs Advisory Board.. off campus I work as a stylist at Blush Bridal, am a Vince Camuto campus manager, and paint!

What would be your dream job?
To be a print and pattern designer for Lilly Pulitzer or just design prints in general!

How did you become involved with Vince Camuto and become a Campus manager?
I received a random email one day during the summer and then after applying and two interviews later I had the job!

What advice would you give fashion students in becoming involved and getting yourself out there?
Throw yourself out there and apply, apply, apply! The worst you will ever hear is NO and even if you do, at least you had the experience in trying! You can never have enough experience on your resume and that is what they look at most in the fashion industry!

What drove you to choose fashion as a career path?
I have always had a creative mind and been a visual learner! I see things abstract instead of concrete and love fashion and styling…so I knew I needed to utilize that in some way and a fashion career path was the perfect choice!

Have you done any interships/study abroad trips?
I have my first internship in NYC this summer at Milly where I will be a design intern.
I also studied abroad in Paris and Milan last summer and had the time of my life! If you ever get the chance to study abroad….GO!

What is your favorite class that you have taken so far here at UNL?
I loved TMFD 225 which is surface design. I loved creating my own prints and then entire process itself!

What are your go-to retail therapy spots?
Ohhh my thats tough. I love the local boutiques such as Stella and Embellish in downtown lincoln, but if I could shop at one store the rest of my life it would be Jcrew…you just can’t beat it.

What is one food you will never be able to give up?
Icecream! I have such a sweet tooth and will go to the extreme for a good scoop of ice-cream!

Do you have an outside job?
Yes! I am a personal stylist at a brand new bridal boutique here in Lincoln called “Blush”

How would you describe yourself in three words?
ambitious, joyful, Passionate



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