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Meet Joyce Kim- One of UNL’s Talented Bloggers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.

“The Glitter Thumb” blog site was created and is maintained by one of UNL’s own fashion students, Joyce Kim. She is a senior Fashion Merchandising student here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has a lot to offer regarding her own blog, blogging in general, the best way to market your blog, and the top blogs that are out there to follow and subscribe to. 

She explains to us the many reasons as to why she blogs. Her biggest reason is to keep track of all of her inspirations by posting mood boards, recording her portfolio work with uploaded pictures, showing off her cute outfits on those days where nobody else sees them, and, of course, practicing her photoshop skills. Some of her inspiration that she blogs about consists of creating outfits from a low budget so everyone can have a trendy, up-to-date look that is affordable. She is also inspired by other bloggers and editorials that she follows and keeps track of on a daily basis.  Interior design is another inspiration that she likes to share with others through her blogging. If nothing else, she is said to be inspired by anything and everything creative.

Joyce Kim also understands the growing importance that blogging now holds in the fashion industry. She is aware of the numerous blogger and designer collaborations that are now becoming more familiar and common. She accredits street style to be the new dominating trend for blogs and other fashion media. Nowadays, more and more careers are being made out of blogging and people are getting paid to do something they are inspired by and truly love. 

Joyce emphasizes the top 5 blogs that are worthwhile to follow on a regular occaison:

1. Design Love Fest- the first blog of her choice

2. Emily Schuman- Joyce explains Emily Schuman began her blog and later obtained a book deal from her blogging, “Cupcakes and Cashmere”.

3. Sunnie Brook- hair and makeup artist

4. Atlantic-Pacific- fashion merchandiser blogger

5. Who What Wear- Joyce recognizes as the most trendy blog

After hearing of Joyce Kim’s blog “The Glitter Thumb” and actually checking it out for myself, I can definitely identify Joyce’s nitch for fashion and design and the true enjoyment she receives from the practice of blogging and the outcome she is rewarded with. As Joyce Kim would say, it’s “turning the ordinary, extraordinary”.

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