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Katie Ham, Make-up Blogger

HC: Year in school?

Katie: Junior


HC: Major?

Katie: English Major/Art Minor


HC: How do you like to spend your spare time?

Katie: I spend my free time watching Youtube tutorials about make-up, reading, and hanging out with my roommates.


HC: What are you passionate about?

Katie: I am really passionate about make-up, as silly as it sounds, I find something so rewarding in helping others look their best and making myself look the best that I can. I think that make-up can help bring out confidence in people and really help bring up women’s self-esteem.


HC: When did you decide to start your own blog? Why?

Katie: I decided to start my blog this August. I mainly decided to start a blog because I want to show others tips and tricks that I have learned practicing make-up and hopefully to get my name out there to start a career for myself.


HC: How did you decide on the name of your blog and the things you post?

Katie: My roommate helped me out with the name for the blog and to be honest it is still a work in progress, the blog, the title, the whole thing. I am new to the blogging world. And I decide on what to post mainly when I get ideas about make-up looks or a lot of times it is when I get new make-up and I want to do little reviews on it.


HC: Have there been any challenges or joys that it has unexpectedly brought?

Katie: The thing that I find most challenging about my blog is getting it to look exactly as I want. I am so lost when it comes to my blog and I need my roommate’s help a lot of times to help me figure it out. As far as joys, I think the best thing that I have done with my blog so far is posting about it on Facebook. At first I was really nervous but the response I have gotten from friends is nothing but positive.


HC: What do you hope to become of your blog?

Katie: I hope that I can gain more of a follower base and hopefully build clientele.


HC: Do you plan on it just remaining a hobby of yours?

Katie: I think that my blog will remain a hobby until I start to get more traffic. I really would love it if people gave me suggestions of things that they would like to see me post about and I would love to do that. I eventually want to start my own YouTube channel to film tutorials.


HC: Where do you look for inspiration for your blog and/or make-up ideas?

Katie: I look for ideas through Pinterst, YouTube videos, and even just shopping around for make-up. Whenever I look at make-up palettes at Sephora I immediately start creating looks in my head before I have even bought the palette.


HC: When did you fascination with make-up start? How has it grown?

Katie: I have always liked make-up but it wasn’t really until last year when I discovered Lauren Curtis and Jaclyn Hill on YouTube that I really started to love make-up. I am fascinated with the looks that these popular YouTubers create and try to emulate and even change them up for myself. I think that it has grown in the way that I have actually started to do product research and the more and more I learn about make-up the more I love it.


HC: Do you plan on furthering your love and skills of make-up someday into a career?

Katie: I plan on going to esthetician school after graduation in Denver and hopefully I am able to get into the MAC Pro Student program through MAC cosmetics.


HC: What is your favorite occasion to do make-up?

Katie: To be quite honest, I like doing make-up for any occasion. I change up the way I do my eye make-up each time I do it. I look for different looks to expand my knowledge and learn what looks good on me and what doesn’t.


HC: What is one trick you learned early on and has stuck with you thus far?

Katie: One trick that I have learned early on is how to do a simple smokey eye. I have learned how to change it up and make it more or less dramatic depending on what time of day it is or whether it is for a formal event or just for class.


HC: How often do you research and update your makeup?

Katie: I research for make-up daily. I follow a lot of make-up related accounts on Instagram and watch a new YouTube video each day, I am a little obsessed.


HC: If you could give a girl one make-up tip, what would it be?

Katie: If I could give a girl a make-up tip it would be to find a good foundation for your skin. Not only for your coloring but for your skin type. When foundation is done right it makes a world of a difference.


HC: Describe yourself in three words.

Katie: Girly, goal-oriented, and enthusiastic

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