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Jake Miller’s “Silver Linings” Review

As a fan of Jake Miller for close to four years now, I was thrilled to hear about his new album coming out March 9th. Silver Linings is a self-produced and self-written album by the rising star. For the past couple weeks, Miller has released previews and cover art for each song, hyping all his fans up for this glorious album.

This is the second independent album by Miller since 2:00 am in LA in July of 2017. Still struggling with his break-up, many songs hit deep to his desire for what he shared with his former girlfriend, while also moving on and growing from the experience. There are hints of Miller’s original style, mixed with the new voice he found after leaving his label. There’s a wonderful balance of club songs and uplifting beats mixed with slower, solemner songs.


Think About Us

Despite the rather sad message of this song, the rhythm and chorus make this song addicting. This song perfectly captures post-break-up regret and trying to move on while still reminiscing about the past.


Mulholland Drive

This one is a cute crush song. The interesting use of instruments and beats make this song a nice listening song as well as something to sing in the shower.


The Girl That’s Underneath

The single from the album, this song is similar to Miller’s “Selfish Girls”. A look into Hollywood dating and Miller’s refreshing honesty, this song is a wonderful pop dance song with Miller’s signature flare.



This poppy and uplifting song has a fun mix of instruments and brings back the thematic structure similar to his song High Life.  Definitely a great dance song.



A slower, more emotional song relaying Miller’s longing after his recent break-up. Raw and lyrically significant, with the great addition of Miller’s return to rap, this song is the deepest song on the album.


Drinking About You

Another reminiscent song about his break-up. Catchy and melancholy at the same time, this song is a wonderful follow up to 2:00am in LA. The regret and desperation give greater meaning to Miller’s more positive and uplifting songs, as well as giving the heartbroken a great new song to add to any playlist.


Hit and Run

Definitely a Bruno Mars inspired song, this tune has a very different sound. A great addition to Miller’s more sexual songs that lack the explicit language common in the genre. This song is a fun club song, with a touch of honesty in the bridge.



Miller’s sincerity in this song feels very intimate. Reflecting the thoughts of anyone who has gotten out of a long relationship and trying to move on, this song has a more slow pop beat.


Paris and New York

This more guitar heavy song shows the healing Miller is going through. Likening himself and his ex as the two cities, distant and barely changed, showing his understanding that he can’t change himself or her to make it work again. But, there is a longing to make the connection.


Showing You Off

A dramatic shift from the melancholy songs, this song is definitely a very uplifting and pure song. Miller describes the attributes of the girl he loves, from her beauty to her confidence. It makes me smile.


Starting Over

A song about new beginnings, but also old happy times. A more jazz sound makes this song very soothing and slightly heartbreaking.


Love Again

This is more of a sweet ballad about puppy love. Miller is excellent at these adorable and sweet love songs. The love he feels is prominent in the way he performs this song.



This one is not a song, but a recording of a voicemail left by Miller’s father. This track is very personal to Miller and he did not release a preview to the track when he announced it, saying it was special to him. You’ll have to check this one out for yourself.


Be Alright

Slow and soothing, this song reflects Miller’s previous motivational songs. This song references other tracks on the album and is a wonderful closer to this amazing and raw album.


Check out Silver Linings on Spotify or download on iTunes.  5/5 stars would recommend.

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