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Husker Football Player Eric Martin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.

Husker football player Eric Martin will be leaving the Unvierstiy of Nebraska-Lincoln at the end of this year. He’s hoping to pursue a long-term career in the NFL, but he also has a degree under his belt that he hopes to use to mentor and change the lives of children in the future. HC UNL caught up with Martin to learn more about him and his plans post college.

HC: What have you been studying at UNL?

Eric: I’m majoring in Sociology because I want to be a social worker at my high school when I’m done. I enjoy listening to other peoples problems and trying to help children get back on track.

HC: How did you become part of the Husker football team?

Eric: I was recuited from California as a defensive end and linebacker.

HC: What has been the best part of being a Husker football player?

Eric: The best part is being part of a team and turning random people you met into your family and taking care of them. I will take the memory of all the games and people I’ve met and played next too.

HC: What exactly have you been doing about the NFL drafting? 

Eric: I’ve been going through training for everything football, to get better on the field. I know I’m being looked at by NFL teams but I don’t know which ones yet, but there are a lot of them that show me attention and seem interested!

HC: How has being a full-time student and full-time athlete affected the past four years of you life?

Eric: It affected a lot of my time, but you learn so much from both school and sports. College teaches you about taking care of your money and how to budget yourself. Being an athlete teaches you discipline and how to manage your time well. Managing my money has been a struggle in college for me, being a celebrity has also been rough. The advantage, though, is you learn to not buy things you want before you buy things you need and while being a celebrity you learn to be patient.