How You Can Support Local Theater


Not everyone has access to Broadway all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the theater in your own city. Community and local theaters fight and work constantly to keep theater and art alive in their cities and towns. They are funded by various grants, ticket sales, and donations. And the only way to keep them around is with your help. Here’s how you can keep local theater alive and vibrant in your area:


Attend shows

The easiest way to support theater is to go to their shows and events. Your ticket helps pay for the production and theater expenses and your presence shows gratitude and love for the work they do. There are likely more opportunities for shows in your area than you realize.

Many major cities and even small towns have community theaters. The tickets are inexpensive and the productions are high-quality. Every time I see a community theater shows, I am blown away by how talented the actors are! Colleges and high schools put on various production year-round. They are very inexpensive or even free. The best part is that you are supporting students and the future of theater.



Local theaters and school theaters are always looking for volunteers. Whether it is minimal commitment such as ticket takers and greeters or more intensive production volunteers. You can often get credit or volunteer hours for your time, so it’s a win for you, and win for the theater, and a win for the community. It is also a great way to learn skills and make connections; Plus, you sometimes get to see the show for free! I volunteered once for my local community theater to get hours in high school. And I have gone back to volunteer multiple times since.


Audition for a show

Local theaters, especially community theaters, often hold open auditions. They want to get the whole community involved and showcase local talent. If you love theater, auditioning to be in a show is the perfect way to support theater in your town. You can meet other talented actors and actresses, elevate your acting and other skills, and have a great time.


Theater arts is an integral part of communities and humanity. Without it, we lose ourselves and our culture. Don’t let your local theater get washed away by apathy. Take part in your community’s culture and art by supporting local theater!