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How to Wear Snow Boots

This frigid weather in Nebraska has everyone swapping flats and sneakers for something more fitting to fight off the cold; snow boots. If your relationship with snow boots anything like it is with me, then you don’t take too fondly to them. They always seem so chunky and awkward. I never know what to pair them with!

However, whenever I see someone who can pull them off, I’m amazed and immediately want to go buy myself a pair and make it work. Around campus, you mainly see them styled in a sporty way. Although, sporty chic is very interesting and comfortable, it gets a little old seeing the same old legging, puffer vest and snow boot combination.

Aidan Graybill definitely has the snow boot trend down to a science. She paired these North Face boots with a flared suede pant and brought a touch of delicacy with a top that had subtle lace detail. This combination gave off a boho vibe that I was definitely drawn to.

Now that I have some inspiration to go off of I might go ahead and make the daunting purchase. It’d be interesting to see how boots similar Aidan’s would pair with a pair of patterned corduroys or with warm leggings and a long tunic.


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