How to Survive an Early Study Session

This is not a method I endorse; however, it has worked for me in the past when I need last minute studying. As someone who cannot retain much information past 11:00 pm, I opt to wake up early to study. However, just like night owls have the tendency to stay up until 3:00 am studying the night before a big test, I do the opposite; I wake up at 3:00 am to study.

This works for me because I can wake up early if I go to sleep around 10:00 pm. However, this is only on occasion and not recommended. if you can be fully prepared early the evening before and exam, that is best. This method is a last resort, just like staying up late.


You will feel nauseous

Maybe it is the worry, but whenever I get up early, be it for studying or to catch a flight, I always have a lingering sense of nausea. It is nothing overly oppressive, but it does make me feel sort bad the rest of the day. It’s like the sensation of going over the first hill of a roller coaster, but slightly muted.


You will feel cold

Our bodies naturally cool down at night, as does the earth, so waking up earlier than normal, when your body is still in sleep mode, can cause you to be cold. I always study in the morning with fuzzy socks and a blanket. Don't get too comfortable that you get sleepy again, but warm enough to be able to concentrate.

You will be less awake

Obviously, you will be sleepy. Our brains need a certain amount of sleep at night for us to function properly. So, when you cut into that, you will feel tired and possibly not function at your absolute best. But, you will be better off than someone who has pulled an all-nighter. Especially if you get as grouchy and emotional as I do without sleep. So, stay hydrated, and caffeinate if you do well with caffeine. This is not a day to eat a lot of heavy foods, like potatoes. Make sure to take care of your body since you've disturbed its natural rhythm.

You will crash early

Normally, I crash around 7:00 in the evening. However, I feel exhausted around 1:30 in the day. This could be attributed to how boring my physics teacher can be, but it is mostly because I put my body through a lot. If you can take a nap, do this to re-energize. Try not to sleep too long, but enough to face the rest of the day and fall asleep at a proper time to get yourself back in rhythm.


Again, I suggest this method if you have an early test and study better in the morning. Do not put your body through this kind of strain regularly, but if it becomes necessary, try it out.