How to Rock Second Day Curls



You spent a long time and got up earlier than usual just to curl your hair. So it should last more than one day. Reviving your curls for another day is also super easy and can save precious time getting ready in the morning. I love curling my naturally straight hair, but it takes time and effort. Plus, the heat can be really damaging to your hair. It's also healthier to not wash your hair every day. So I have been researching and testing the best strategies for wearing second-day curled hair. Here is what to do and what not to do:

Do use dry shampoo to take away the oil. Greasy hair is uncomfortable and doesn’t look as good as fresh hair. Dry shampoo is really useful in taking away the oil on unwashed hair I use Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo.

Don’t get your hair wet. Once you wash your hair and get it, your curls are gone. So second-day hair means do not get it wet. You can still shower, just put your hair up and out of the way.


Do comb through your hair with your fingers. Run your fingers through your curls to smooth and separate the pieces. Finger comb and toss it around to make it look fresh and natural.

Don’t use an actual brush to brush your hair. Using a bristle, paddle brush, or comb to brush curled hair may make it frizz.


Do recurl a few of the really messed up pieces with an iron. Throughout the course of the day and night, some pieces get messed up, frizzy, or uncurled. Plug in your curling iron and fix the worst pieces. I use an older version of this set to curl my hair.

Don’t recurl good sections or all of your hair again. Recurling the entirety of your hair defeats the purpose of second-day curls. Don’t feel the need to redo every single section and piece of hair.


Do take lots of selfies and have a good hair day! Curled hair on day two can create a boho and trendy look. Add your fave outfit and makeup and show the world your quick and beautiful look!

Don’t be afraid to rock second-day curls! With these tips, you can make your hard work last more than one day. Don’t worry, You’ll rock it.

As you can see, my cat is almost as excited as I am about my day two curls.