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The Evolution From Celebrity To Designer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.

Unless you’re living under a rock or you just really hate the internet, you’d know that Rihanna released her second collaboration with Puma, Fenty. When Rihanna released her first Fenty collaboration, she took the world by storm making it almost impossible to find those fuzzy slides in your size. This time around Rihanna took a Marie Antoinette spin to the classic sportswear brand.  


But when talking about the evolution from celebrity to fashion designer, we have to talk about the most notorious, Kayne West. Last Year, Kayne released his very own brand with Yeezy season one by launching a runway full of neutrals and ripped fabric. This inspired fashionista everywhere to get their hands on Yeezy anything, from t shirts to sneakers.

But in all honesty, these celebrities never took a design class and I guarantee they have never been up until 3 AM trying to thread a sewing machine running on no sleep. But somehow, it still works.

            The reason that Kayne and Rihanna have so much successes is because their entire career they’ve been building a brand. Technically their fashion lines just step into a larger goal. These lines are just reinforcing who these celebrities are as artists and their fans are totally eating it up.

            So next time Kayne sends models down the runway wearing nothing but tights and outwear, pay attention to where he’s taking his brand next.

Bailey M. Ernst, Nebraska native, student at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, but always itching for adventure. I am always clicking a camera and I always have a Vogue in my purse. I believe in the good in the world and hope to bring that through in my art.