Essential Makeup Products to Get You Through Winter

Winter can be a rough season for your face. Long nights of cramming before finals, and getting whipped in the face by freezing winds are not fun. Luckily we have cosmetics for those days where we need a little help. I have whipped together a list of essential makeup products to have in your stash for the winter. Most of the products are pretty reasonable and can be found at the drugstore. I have linked them as well because let’s be real: This time of year nobody really wants to leave the coziness of indoors.

The first item every woman should own. IT IS LIFE. You have to own a quality moisturizer for your face, ladies. It’s so important to apply this product at least every morning. A fabulous moisturizer keeps your face from getting dry and can decrease the oiliness in your skin to prevent breakouts. I know there are cheaper moisturizers out there but I think this is a type a product that a girl should splurge on. I recommend this moisturizer from Clinique.

The next item is essential for those mornings where you sleep in and only give yourself 15 minutes to get ready. Just grab this concealer and trace under your eyes and areas you need coverage, blend and get out the door. This Maybelline Age Rewind concealer does not play games. It is so stinking good. It blends effortless and kicks the butt out of dark eye circles.

This product is key to have to elevate your look without any effort. A great bold lip is a secret weapon for us lazy girls out there. All you need is a little mascara a red lip and boom you look flawless. The lip product I have featured is "Blake's Red" From Loreal's Colour Riche Collection. Of course I'm going to recommend a lipstick named after Blake Lively. I would not be doing my job if I did not.

Lastly is the one product that can give life to our faces in these frigid months. The magical bronzer. I pretty much turn translucent during these months so a good bronzer is a must have. Physician’s Formula has a bunch of fantastic bronzers that are great for giving that warmth back to your face. This Glow Boosting Bronzer has a little sheen in it which makes it perfect for sweeping across your face. Due to the shimmer, I wouldn’t recommend this product for contouring. Try their Butter Bronzer if you want a product for both.