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Draw Your Way to a Better Friendship

I don’t know about you, but I love art. Not necessarily any particular part or type of art, but art in general. I love drawing and painting even when I have no idea what I’m doing. One thing I’ve learned is that while getting creative and making art is a refreshing, challenging, and fun, there is something that can make it even better. That thing is a friend(s).

Set up your easel or grab that notebook and turn on some tunes (but don’t forget to bring your bff). There’s a lot of different ways to create with a friend. You can collaborate together, bounce ideas off each other, and jam out to some songs that really get your creative juices flowing.

There are a few different things I like to do when I’m painting and drawing with other people. Hopefully, you can get some ideas! The first is where each person takes a turn drawing one line and you keep going till you have something to work off of. This can go really great or kinda poorly, but either way, it ensures good times. The second thing I like to do is draw a person, but only half a person and have your friend draw the second half. A similar thing would be to draw to separate pieces that go together when you put each others’ papers/canvases together. These can turn out hilarious, and I do this with my brother ALL THE TIME. It’s a good way to draw when you don’t know what you want to draw. The third thing I like to do is have the other person pick what you work on and you pick for them. It’s a lot easier to choose when you’re not choosing for yourself. It’s also really neat to see how someone else envisions your ideas. Another thing I like to do is try drawing or painting your friend it can be incredibly fun if you don’t overthink it. Abstract and graffiti style can be easier if you don’t think you have great people drawing skills and it’s a good way to show your friend what you think their best features and qualities are.

    While you’re creating art, you’re also building your friendship and drawing is a lot cheaper than movie tickets or Chinese food (although Chinese food would make a great addition to your art party). Everyone says that experiences are better than things, but art is a way to capture both aspects. 

p.s. enjoy the kind of creepy people I drew with my brother :)


Agriculture and Environmental Science Communication Major, class of 2021. Passionate about agriculture, writing, and art (of all kinds)!! I pride myself in being a pun aficionado and I love finding good new music!
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