Discover University is Coming

It has finally happened. The most anticipated expansion pack for the Sims 4 has been announced. Sims 4 Discover University has been announced to be released November 15th and I, like many others, am eagerly anticipating it.

I absolutely love the Sims series. Ever since I was eight, playing the original game on my PC, pixelated graphics and impractical movement, I have adored the life simulator. The engineer in me loved crafting houses and the creative writer in me loved making sims and their stories. The Sims 2 is a vague memory of 4th grade, but I have been playing the Sims 3 since it came out when i was ten. I have collected every expansion pack and most stuff packs thanks to Christmas and summer sales on Origin. I even had to rebuy the base game since we lost our CD.

I was extremely hesitant to get the Sims 4. I love so many things about the Sims 3, especially after playing it for a decade. But when they made the Sims 4 free for a week this past summer, I decided to try it out. Plunking about $50 in DLC during the summer sale (City Living, Parenthood, Movie Hangout, and Kid's Room), I found myself enjoying the new Sims. There are many things I miss in the game and some things took a while getting used to. Overall, it delivers a fun Sims experience. I have debated getting more DLC, as none seems to truly match some of the cult classics of Sims 3, and of course everyone is awaiting University.

Now, the time has come for me to fully convert to Sims 4. Not that any of my money that went into the Sims 3 was wasted or that I will never play the game again, but the Sims 4 seems to have finally delivered.

My favorite expansion for the Sims 3 was University. Maybe it was because I have always held an idyllic view of college or Harry Potter rooted a deep love for schools with dormitories. I also just love education and learning. Most of my sims attended university after I got the expansion. There was a lot to do in the university world from comic books and video games to science experiments to coffee shops. I adored this expansion pack. I also loved the Into the Future expansion pack. The primary reason was the Plumbots. Building them was always a blast. The robotic skill offered a lot.

Now, Discover University is combining my favorite expansion pack and my favorite feature in one.

Sims can now move into Britechester where they can either attend the more liberal arts school, University of Britechester, or the STEM school, Foxbury Institute. Students either live in a dorm or off campus, can bike around, and be involved in extracurriculars. Sims can either stay up late doing homework or completely blow off classes. New CAS items let Sims express their personality and school spirit. They can engage in debates or build robots.

Some features I am really looking forward to besides the Plumbots are laptops, the cute hairstyles, and overalls. Of course, from the trailer, I am also heavily anticipating the little potted succulents. Engineering seems to be a career option now. While it will likely be very robotics based, it is neat that I can finally make a sim like me: engineering student living in a campus dorm.

While the Sims has always been about living your dream life, sometimes for college kids that means simply being a successful student. There is just something extremely appealing about having a Sim either be far more studious and getting those A's many dream of or having a Sim who actually has time and ability to attend parties every night with minimal consequences. It is, after all, not your own life.

Sims 4 Discover University comes out November 15th and I, for one, cannot wait.