Campus Celeb: Phoebe Lockhart

Sophomore Phoebe Lockhart is doing things that most graduate law interns would not be doing.

As an economics and pre-law major, Ms. Lockhart would describe herself as a quiet leader with a strong sense of justice and a passion for helping others. After speaking with her, it’s obvious that her extraordinary capacity to help others will help her fulfill her dream of running her own law firm and providing legal assistance to others in need.

As a member of the College of Business Administration Honors Academy, the YWCA, a local non-profit focused on empowering women and eliminating racism, the Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, as well as her position at a law-firm in her hometown of Ogallala Lockhart has an impressive amount of experience working with NGO’s and individuals concerning Human Rights and the law.

Through the mentorship of individuals like CBAHA Associate Director Erin Burnette, her mentor attorney at R. Kevin O’Donnell P.C., L.L.O, and great women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart she has been able to hone her skills as a leader and catalyst for justice. Her passion for women’s rights and empowering others leads her to give this piece of advice to her 10-year-old self and other young women, “When you’re younger, girls are called bossy and boys are called leaders. It’s ok to be bossy, it’s ok to step out of the box."

Ms. Lockhart will be one to watch as she continues to strive towards her goals of changing the world.