The Best Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color



Green Eyes:

Browns and nude colors work great with green eyes to make them vibrant and bright. These earthy tones can make you look like some sort of goddess. Add gold really accentuate the light in your eyes.

Blue Eyes:

Silvers and greys work great with your eyes to create a fierce look. Pinks can also add a beautiful feminine look to your eyes. You can create tons of amazing looks using various shades of pink and various techniques of You can even use gold to create a powerful Egyptian Queen look.

Brown Eyes:

Brown eyes can be very versatile. Nude colors add to your natural eye color beauty. Pinks, blues, reds, and mauves work wonderfully to accent your eyes and create different moods with your eyeshadow.

Any color can be used for any eye color create infinite beautiful looks. The ones listed are great starters for crafting new and signature makeup looks for you. Your eyes are uniquely yours and you can use them to your advantage and create equally unique looks with your eyeshadow. Experiment and find the colors you love!