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An Article Brainstorm Session

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.

Hello Writers!

Articles can be difficult to write for many reasons. Lack of ideas, lack of time, lack of research, etc.. Whether you’re writing for fun, writing for HerCampus, or any other platform it’s important to be able to write an article that A) you will enjoy writing, and B) your readers will enjoy. Here are a few sure-fire tips to get you writing again and writing more!

Social Media

That post you’ve seen on your twitter feed dozens of times and the memes that a repeatedly features on iFunny and Reddit along with the fitness trends overflowing Instagram feeds. All of these can be a great inspiration for an article. With a little investigating you could report the facts, by just looking at it you could write a review, and will some good jokes or puns you could make any post into a great story.

Interview Your Friends

You may know everything about your friends, but not everyone else does. Surely your friends have some interests or hobbies that others would love to learn more about or want to try for themselves. You can even talk about your friendships, experiences, or give life advice for other friend groups. Friends are brimming with great ideas for articles and it gives you an excuse to hang.

Trending and Local News Articles

Digging into news articles and finding out more is always a good idea for articles. Local articles can be researched and you may even be able to speak with people who wrote about it or the people involved. If there’s an article about someone you know you can talk about how it affects you or how the article being published has affected them. You can focus on trending stories, dissect them or give your opinion. Just because something has been written about, doesn’t mean you can’t dig deeper.


Ask your readers what they want to hear about, ask your friends and family for ideas. People love when you show an interest in them so they’re a great resource.

Tell a Story

If you like writing you probably like reading too. A lot of people like reading. So tell a story about something that happened, something you created, or even a story about another story. Now you’re probably thinking: if I can’t think of an idea for an article, how am I supposed to come up with an idea for a story? Well, that’s what steps 1-4 are for and you can always think about things you’ve learned in class, books you’ve read, or that story you’ve been dying to write. Even if you write a short story or the beginning of a story, leaving your audience with a cliff-hanger gives you the opportunity to write more about it later.

Now, let’s get to writing!

Agriculture and Environmental Science Communication Major, class of 2021. Passionate about agriculture, writing, and art (of all kinds)!! I pride myself in being a pun aficionado and I love finding good new music!