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5 Fun and Stress-Relieving Crafts

It’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of day-to-day life, and sometimes it’s great to take a break and do a fun craft. Here are 5 easy and stress-relieving crafts to do for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break!


1.       Tape Resist Watercolor Painting

My sorority did this at our fall retreat and I absolutely love how mine turned out! Just be sure to press the tape down really firmly, or else the colors will bleed through!



2.       Flower Initial

All you’ll need for this is scissors, cardboard, a hot glue gun and some fake flowers from any craft store! Cut out your initial and glue on flowers for a super cute and easy room decoration!



3.       Painted Cactus Rock Garden

This craft is honestly perfect for me because I am horrible at keeping plants alive but I think cactuses are so cute! Now I can just paint rocks to look like cactuses and I don’t have to worry about them ;)



4.       DIY Dry Erase Board

You could go so many different directions with this idea! You could make a shopping list to put on your fridge, to-do list for your room, a calendar for important dates, or anything else you can think of! All you will need is a picture frame, scrapbook paper and dry erase markers!



5.       Washable Sharpie Mugs

This is such a cool idea to brighten up a boring coffee mug! With sharpie paint pens, use a stencil of your initials or just freehand a design, put the mug in the oven for half an hour and it’s done! This would be a great gift idea, too!


Liz is a current student at UNL, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Education.
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