5 Coffee Shops and 5 Places to Study

The end of the semester is nearing. Although, most of us are excited for its arrival, some of us are dreading the seemingly endless nights of studying we’re about to endure. The libraries get more and more full as the week progresses, and there’s absolutely not a single place you can lay out all of your stuff and sit comfortably for a few hours–or to camp out for the night. Coffee shops are definitely a go-to when this situation arises. Luckily, Lincoln has a few gems to choose from.

1. Coffee House

Otherwise known as Coho, this place offers a quiet atmosphere to work in. With tables placed closely together, it’s as cozy as it is quiet. They have a great green-mint tea, as well as an amazing assortment of pastries to choose from, and some healthy snacks! Plus, it’s just a short walk from campus.


2. The Mill

This place is known to be buzzing at almost all times of the day. If you get lucky, you might be able to find a prime table in the back, where it’s quiet and less crowded. This is definitely a great place to get things done and grab a great cup of joe.

3. Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon has open mic nights and live music performances, as well as other events different nights of the week. Although live music doesn’t sound like it would make it the best place to study, it doesn’t last all night and some great tunes would make for a great study break. I also hear that they have a great white mocha and equally great paninis.

4. Cultiva

Cultiva actually roasts its coffee beans right here in Lincoln! You can’t get anymore local than that. You can buy wholesale coffee beans to make a fresh pour-over at home, or it’s a great place to stop for a study session. They also have an awesome variety of crepes.

5. The Bay

The Bay is a place for young people to go to do something and be somewhere. The Bay is located in a renovated warehouse in Lincoln. It’s a skatepark and they just opened a coffee bar. The coffee is delicious and the vibe inside is unlike any other. This is definitely a prime study spot that’s relaxed and easy to be in for hours.