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5 Bougie Phone Cases You Need

Many people would also advise you to wear sensible shoes but a fashion statement is just non negotiable. The same is true when it comes to phone cases. Sure, phone cases are meant to protect your phone from unexpected tumbles, spills and other accidents. However, when there are so many unique options available how are you expected to spend your hard-earned money on something so ugly and bulky instead of something so fab? Here are the five most bougie phone cases you should buy instead of something that will actually protect your phone. 


Something You Can Cozy Up With 

A nice furry phone case is the perfect substitute when your parents keep telling you adopting a cat is an irresponsible thing to do. 


When You Have No Chill

Need I say more. 


When You’re Actually Bougie AF

You won’t accept anything less than a phone case made with ACTUAL gold flakes. Obviously. 


When Kylie is Your #1 

So everyone knows that you and Kylie are bffs. 


Something Good Enough to Eat 

Even though you’re bougie, you can still splurge on some Mikey D’s and this case. 

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