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4 Statement Jackets to Get You Through Fall

Hooray, the weather in Nebraska is actually starting to feel like fall this coming week! I do not know about you but I have been getting tired of the strange transition from chilly mornings to weirdly warm afternoons. It makes dressing for the day that much trickier when you freeze your way to your morning class and then are melting your face off after lunch. Luckily, the cool crispy air is starting to stick around throughout the whole day so you can officially haul out your favorite fall jackets. Below I put together some super fun and trendy outfits that revolve around a statement jacket piece. I think every closet needs to have at least one quirky piece that coincides with your personality and makes you feel like a complete bawse. The jackets I included are all from affordable retailers such as H&M and Zara so they are budget friendly. This means you should not be afraid to treat yourself if you feel the need to snag one of them for your wardrobe.

The first outfit features a faux fur jacket from H&M. Whenever I see a faux fur jacket I always think of Carrie Bradshaw who is #stylegoals. I paired the jacket with an athleisure look to make it more casual for strutting around campus. A faux fur jacket can easily transform a more formal look as well.

This look revolves around an amazing red patent leather jacket from Zara. I am obsessed with this jacket and I think it is the definition of a showstopper piece. People will be turning heads for sure if you rocked this outfit.

Next we have this chic military-esque style jacket also from Zara. If you choose to slay a jacket such as this one I would recommend pairing classic pieces with it. Let the jacket be the focus point so the ensemble does not appear overdone.

Zara kills it again with this last jacket. What is more dope than a velvet wrap jacket? I mean come on, this looks so luxurious it is insane. This look is a little fancier, but you could throw on any blouse and bottom of your choice and still look fabulous. 

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