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How to Perfect Your Street Style

If you have a Pinterest then you know what I’m talking about. The many perfect outfits that look amazing on Cara Delevingne but you can’t quite seem to nail. You don’t have to buy more clothes to achieve the street style you see all over social media, you just need to add more to what you’re wearing… and the weather between winter and spring is perfect for it.

I guarantee that you have something very similar to almost everything that she’s wearing in this picture. The key to her street style is how she accessorizes. You don’t always think about the bracelet, sunglasses, and large necklace when you’re running out the door but it makes a difference in the end. Simply by adding the jewelry you can take what was a white shirt, jean shorts, and a cardigan into an outfit. Don’t forget the platforms. 

What Miranda is wearing that you might not necessarily always add to your outfit is the hat. It makes all the difference because her outfit wouldn’t be anything more than patterned jeans, sandals and a black top without it. The purse certainly doesn’t hurt but by pairing the oversized sunglasses with a hat you’re golden. It especially works if you’re trying to hide from someone because frankly, you can’t really tell who it is.

While not everyone has a pink tulle skirt lying around, it isn’t hard to take a flowy skirt and apply the same concept. The black long sleeve is important because all you stare at is the skirt. There are the pumps, the glasses and the bag but mainly you want the eyes on the ballerina skirt.  


What is so perfect about this outfit is the fact that it’s practically borderline black out but the jean button down top completes it. All of these pieces can easily be found in the back of your closet, but the beauty of it is that it’s fit casual enough to wear at Union. 

I am a sophomore at Union College.
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