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Festival Attire

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Union chapter.

Festival season is finally here! Whether you have gone to Coachella already or plan to attend EDC or any other music festival this summer below are some tips of what to wear this season. Going to a festival does not mean going half naked ladies or going in decked out neon. 

1. Explore floral prints this season by wearing floral pants or shorts. Do not wear all floral because it just screams that you are new to this whole scene. If you clash floral prints it can also distort your figure and take away from each of the floral prints. Instead wear a pair of floral pants with a plain colored crop top and possibly a flat brim sun hat! 

These pants from Pac Sun are perfect due to the bell bottom and the coolness for a hot summer day if you do not want to wear shorts



2. Do not wear a bathing suit top and high waisted shorts. You are not going swimming you are at a music festival. Some perfect alternatives are sports bras, light up bras, bra tops, and crocheted tops. All of these tops are just as free and cool as a bathing suit accept you won’t look like you are going to the beach. 

These light up bras are the best for at night when you want to make a statement! Especially because the lights go with the beat of the music.


3. Everyone is afraid to wear hats to festivals because they do not want them to fall off or because they do not think their head looks good with a hat on. Experiment with different hats! They are huge this year at festivals from decorated snap backs to flat brim sun hats. Festivals are all day events and if you forget to use sun screen they are the perfect style piece to keep you fashionable and protected. 

One of my favorite hat sytles this year is the floppy hat in any print or style! They are so fashionable and keep your face protected more than any kind of hat. Urban Outfitters has an amazing selection of hats this season. 


4. Satchels are a must have when it comes to a festival look but they can also be a hassle if you want to dance. The perfect alternative is a fanny pack! Yes fanny packs are back in style with studs, prints, and more. This way you can dance and have all your belongings right infront of you on your waist instead of hurting your shoulders. The more festivals I go to the more exotic and fun fanny packs I see! 

Esty has the best and most creative fanny packs for anyones style needs! [www.etsy.com]

5. Do not be afraid to be an individual. Not everyone at festivals or EDM shows dress like hippies! Be yourself regardless of what others think. That is why I love going to festivals you can ultimately wear anything and feel comfortable because everyone is trying to be unique. Do not be afraid to wear statement pieces such as a jumpsuit or bell bottom pants. NO HEELS this is a festival not a runway.

Have fun this summer and let the positive vibes of any festival you attend fill your life with positive outcomes! When you spread positivity it frees your mind.


I am an aspiring singer and television personality on a mission to adovcate for big cats around the world