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Different and Creative Valentine Gifts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Union chapter.


Valentine’s Day is finally right around the corner! Make your day a special one with these cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas. These work for anyone from your special someone to friends.

Book Page Heart Wreath

All you need is an old book, scissors, glue and some cardboard! Once you cut the cardboard into a doughnut shape, stencil heart shapes onto the pages of the book and cut them out! Once you have filled your cardboard with hearts, hang it up with a pink or red ribbon!

Mason Jar Snow Globe

This one is my personal favorite! Glue a twisted red and white pipe cleaner heart onto the inside of the lid. Fill the jar with glitter and water. Once you seal the jar, shake it up!


Pomegranate Heart Shapes Ice Cubes

Make your Valentine’s Day champagne festive with these delicious ice cubes! You need a seeded pomegranate, water, and a chocolate mold tray. Once they freeze, add them to any drink! We prefer wine.

Heart Kisses

These are both adorable and easy. Get any kind of Hershey’s Kisses, toothpicks and felt hearts from Michaels. Once you have stuck the hearts onto the toothpicks, stick them into the Kisses for a pretty display!


Thumbprint Hearts

This is a good idea for a handmade card! Get pink or red stamp ink and use your thumbs to make a heart!

Heart Shaped Wreath

Take a coat hanger and the flower of your choice. Take a strong and tie the flowers together in bunches and then attach it to the heart shaped coat hanger. Just make sure to keep the hook to hang it up!

Ombre Heart Bag

To make your heart bag, you’ll need white, pink and red puffy paint, a plain white bag and a pencil with an eraser. Starting from the bottom in red, apply the puffy paint to the eraser and fill half the heart with dots. Once you repeat this with pink and white, voila! 

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I am an aspiring singer and television personality on a mission to adovcate for big cats around the world