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The Art of The Beanie


Let’s be honest with ourselves anyone can wear a beanie whether it is knit, slouchy, colorful, or printed. This style staple has been a craze for years that has predominantly been associated with societies “hipster males.” Recently female celebrities are rocking all types of beanies in warm and cold weather.

            Beanies used to be notorious for the hipster vibe they evoked but that misconception is long gone due to the many outfit combinations you can fit a beanie into. It can make any style go from drab to fab in a matter of minutes especially for those days when your hair is absolutely horrendous and you need something to cover it up.  A knit beanie is the best style staple especially being from Boston I pair a beanie with leggings, boots, and a big sweater or even a flannel. After visiting the West Coast recently everyone was wearing beanies even in the summer! A beanie is perfect to pair with shorts, combat boots, and a large shirt.  You can often see the Jenner sisters sporting their favorite beanies with high-wasted shorts.  It is one of the best accessories on the market today that absolutely anyone can wear. You do not need a certain hair color, type, or head shape it is a versatile accessory that everyone needs.

            This Fashionista is sporting a red beanie from Song22.com with a military jacket, tights, and boots. Pairing a colorful beanie with the same color lipstick is a bold yet sexy move that anyone can master. Although the bottom half of this style is extremely sophisticated the beanie tones it down a bit for a more youthful and fun look. She is wearing the beanie more slouched towards the back of her head but you can wear a beanie rolled down or closer to your hairline. What I love about this look is that it is classy with some fun. The beanie adds a softer look especially with the extremely sophisticated military jacket. Another favorite look of mine is pairing a beanie with a pair of Vans or Keds especially if you live in warmer weather.

            It is clear ladies and gentlemen that anyone can pull of the beanie style without being deemed a “hipster.” From divas to those that are grunge the beanie is the perfect style to dress up or down a look. The best aspect of the beanie is that it helps those awful hair days! Beanies can be found in just about any retail store due to their recent popularity. 

Below is a link to the beanie above! 



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