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5 Things to Do Over Winter Break

5 Things To Do This Winter Break (North East Edition)


Well its finally here, winter break is right around the corner! With our first snowfall last night, the holidays are fast approaching. Here are a few activities to keep you sane during our extra long winter vacation.


1.Go to the beach.

That’s right, you heard me. Go to the beach at some point this winter break; whichever one is closest to you. Visiting the beach during the off-season is a great experience. Bring your dog and go for a run or take in the scenery.



2.     Ice-Skating

No matter where you live, ice-skating is a necessary annual holiday adventure. Whether it’s ice-skating at Rockefeller Center in NYC or Frog Pond in Boston, grab a few friends or take the family for a chilly afternoon.



3.     Sporting Event

It is the perfect time of year to attend an indoor sporting event like a hockey or basketball game. Grab your team’s t-shirt and some friends and head to the nearest game.


4.     Skiing/Snowboarding

Time to hit the slopes. Winter break is the perfect time to get in as much skiing or snowboarding action as possible. Once break is over, work will start to pile up, and you know how it gets…



5.     See the Tree in NYC

Taking a trip into New York City to see the legendary tree is a must this holiday season. If you’re already at Rockefeller Center ice-skating, you will definitely see the tree, it’s hard to miss!


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