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5 Hidden Gems of Schenectady

1.     La Gioia Deli

This place has amazing subs for a great price! The go-to sub should be an Italian sub on perecca’s bread!

2.     Tesoro’s

This is my favorite place in Schenectady to go for breakfast. They have every type of breakfast food you could ever want. I would highly recommend the eggs benedict or a crepe.

3.     Ambition

Ambition also has great options for sandwiches.  The “Ambition Sandwich” has

4.     Townhouse Diner

Townhouse has great breakfast that has quick service and is great for a Sunday morning

5.     Happy Cappuccino

This is a great place to take a study break. They have the best coffee in Schenectady. They also occasionally have live music. 

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