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5 Fun Activities To Do Over Spring Break

With the last week of school before finals, it comes as no surprise that spring break is the first thing on every student’s mind. Whether you are going away or relaxing at home, it is easy to quickly get bored since we are all so used to being incredibly busy at school.

Luckily, being bored should not be a bad thing! Take your spring break week off to do some things you really enjoy. Here are a couple of ideas:

1). Spend time with friends and family—spring break is the perfect time to catch up with the loved ones you don’t get to see when you are at school.

2). Go see a movie! Nonstop, starring Liam Neeson, is an incredible action movie that would be perfect to go to see with either your parents or your friends.

3). Take time to focus on yourself—go to yoga, get a manicure, take a hike, bake. Do something that brings you happiness and enables you to relax and enjoy yourself.

4). Cook or bake. We all know that the food at Union—as good as it is—can quickly get old. Take some time to find a food or recipe that you have always wanted to try, buy the ingredients, and get to work in the kitchen! There is nothing better than home-cooked food, and sadly, our time at home is limited to just one week.

5). Most importantly, get ready for spring term! Order any books or organize the supplies that you know you will need for our third trimester. The second we are all back, the last thing you will want to be doing is getting ready for classes. Start early!

Finish strong with finals and have a wonderful spring break everyone! 

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