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Shtuff UNI Women Say

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNI chapter.

We’ve all seen those “Sh*t….say” Youtube videos that have gone extremely viral over the past couple months. If you haven’t, I suggest you watch the “Sh*t Single Girls Say” video…it’s one of my favorites! In light of this popular phenomenon, I asked some fellow UNI women and the Her Campus UNI staff for some common phrases they hear around campus and this is what we came up with. Ladies and gentlemen, Her Campus UNI is proud to present the official “Sh*t UNI Women Say” list. Enjoy! (Maybe you’ll identify with some of these quotes).

  • ·        I’d work out but I don’t want to shower again.
  • ·        I should be studying, but I don’t want to.
  • ·        Are you going to the hill tonight?
  • ·        I’m drunk. And hungry. Let’s get Great Wall.
  • ·        Omega Red is having a sale! Let’s go get something pierced!
  • ·        She’s going to be there? I’m not going anymore.
  • ·        I don’t know why I even bother getting ready…the wind just messes up my hair.
  • ·        Oh my gosh! Dining center food is so good! There’s so many options! (two weeks later) I HATE dining center food!
  • ·        (March) FOUR QUEENS IS OPEN! (December) Four Queens is closed….
  • ·        (In the dining center) I’m not going to get dessert…I’m just going to look.
  • ·        When are we going tanning?
  • ·        Screw it. I’m going to fail anyways. (open up computer screen) Helllloooo Facebook.
  • ·        I was going to study but the Harry Potter Marathon was on so obviously I couldn’t”.
  • ·        Dang you, Pinterest! Why are you so addicting!?
  • ·        Where are my keys?
  • ·        The dining center is trying to make me fat. I swear.
  • ·        (on phone) Ok, so where should meet you? Piazza or Rialto?
  • ·        Let’s study together! (after studying) Crap we didn’t get anything done.
  • ·        You guys, I met thee cutest guy in class today! Look. (show picture on Facebook) Well…he looks a lot better in person.
  • ·        Class sucks.
  • ·        I can’t afford to skip anymore classes. I’ve already skipped five.
  • ·        Is it Friday yet?
  • ·        Where did I park my car again?
  • ·        Try to get us a booth at Maucker.
  • ·        Can you let me in? I forgot my keys.
  • ·        There are no men at this school.
  • ·        I don’t want to go to class!
  • ·        It’s too cold to go out.
  • ·        When does the drunk bus get here?
  • ·        Want to go to Pancheros?
  • ·        Mojo’s or Sharkey’s tonight?
  • ·        I got another parking ticket. But it’s okay, I’ll just let it go to my UBill and have my parents pay for it.
  • ·        Worst day ever. I found out my class was cancelled AFTER I showed up.
  • ·        Why did I go to a school with such a high girl to guy ratio?
  • ·        Fro-yo?
  • ·        Oh my gosh, you’ve never had a Scratch Cupcake?
  • ·        I did the Interlude before it was cool.
  • ·        All the hot jock guys live in Bender and Dancer… so I live in Bender and Dancer.
  • ·        It’s been a week since I’ve been home, so I better go home this weekend.
  • ·        Wait, this is my bad side….(switch places)….Ok now you can take the picture.
  • ·        You don’t own a pair of TOMS shoes?
  • ·        Everyone knows Noerhen is the coolest dorm.
  • ·        Don’t let me spend any more money on food.
  • ·        Girl’s night!
  • ·        Mojo’s is for freshmen.
  • ·        Silly freshmen…always dressing up for class..
  • ·        This homework is useless! I’m never going to need this in the real world!
  • ·        She only told us to read chapter 3 so no, I don’t have any homework.
  • ·        I couldn’t find a parking spot so I skipped class.
  • ·        Lanyard around the neck…must be a freshman…
  • ·        Who wants to make out with me at campeniling?!
  • ·        Oh my gosh, you’re so skinny! (girl walks away)…Hate her.
  • ·        I like this school because it’s not too small and not too big.  
  • ·        He asked me to get coffee. I think he likes me.
  • ·        Ever since Call of Duty came out, it’s like I don’t even have a boyfriend anymore.

Ever found yourself saying any of these? See something missing from the list? Leave a comment! :)

Lottie is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa and she is a communications major with a journalism minor. She has always had a passion for fashion and writing, so she figured, why not combine them? She was a writer for Her Campus only one semester before becoming the Editor-in-chief and campus correspondent for fall of 2011. Lottie is very excited to take on the challenge and to make great things happen with Her Campus magazine.