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Keep Calm and Wear Heels: Labels, Labels, Labels

Don’t get me wrong – I love labels. I’m not a big buyer of designer goods (sadly, because I’m on a college budget), but I definitely appreciate the fabulous designers out there. The thing that bothers me is that the second the item has a big name to go along with it, the price sky rockets – no matter what it looks like.

For every 100 beautiful pieces of designer clothing items, there is bound to be one hideous one. If you wear one of these items I have above every day of your life and are totally in love with it, my apologies. They’re just not for me.

The point that I’m trying to get across here is that even though something is designed by one of the top 10 most famous designers in the world, it doesn’t mean it’s instantly a piece of art and worth how much it costs. Don’t believe me? Pick up any magazine and check out the “Worst-Dressed” list. Just because you can afford a $5,000 dress with feathers and sequins all over it doesn’t mean you should buy it. Yikes.

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