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Flimsy Lindsey: Bare it all!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNI chapter.

Hi Her Campus UNI readers!! With Spring here and the weather cooperating, it’s time to rock some bare legs. But if you didn’t attend Panama City Beach like the rest of UNI for Spring Break, you may not have the best tan to be rocking tightness stems. Personally, my legs are so winter white they look translucent. So the minute I grabbed my skirts from storage (That is, moving them from the bottom of the drawer to the top. It’s some system I’ve got over here…), I ran out and got my trusty white-leg-saver: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. 

This is actually a makeup formula that gives your legs the perfect amount of tan and glow. Never streaky, nothing orange and water resistant. It not only looks great on your legs, but is also useful for your chest and arms. This is my go-to product for those May weddings when I haven’t had a chance to get my sun-kissed tan but still want to wear that little dress. So put your best leg forward (see what I did there?), and try out this awesome product!

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Lottie is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa and she is a communications major with a journalism minor. She has always had a passion for fashion and writing, so she figured, why not combine them? She was a writer for Her Campus only one semester before becoming the Editor-in-chief and campus correspondent for fall of 2011. Lottie is very excited to take on the challenge and to make great things happen with Her Campus magazine.