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Campus Fashionista: Allison Rohloff

How many shoes do you have?
Ohhh, my goodness. Ummm…. 50-60 maybe? (ha!)

What’s your everyday go-to-class outfit?
It changes all the time but I love anything floral print or lace. But mainly floral print. I like sweats too, though. They’re a necessity. It depends on my mood!

What’s your favorite going-out outfit?
I would say a cute fitted dress, but it depends on how cold it is. If it’s cold, I throw on some leggings with my boots.

What random stuff is in your closet besides clothing?
Um, Iaundry detergent and tool kit, because every girl needs a tool kit!

What is one item, fashion or accessory, you can’t live without or get enough of?
Definitely high wasted skirts! And probably belts.

Get Allison’s Look

(Buckle, Von Maur, Forever 21)

Tuck a pair of skinny jeans into your favorite brown leather boots. Then throw on a long sleeve cardigan over a tank top of your choice and tie it all together with a medium think belt! This look is classy yet very modern chic.


Lottie is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa and she is a communications major with a journalism minor. She has always had a passion for fashion and writing, so she figured, why not combine them? She was a writer for Her Campus only one semester before becoming the Editor-in-chief and campus correspondent for fall of 2011. Lottie is very excited to take on the challenge and to make great things happen with Her Campus magazine.
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