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Campus Cutie: Chris Bowden

Name: Chris Bowden

Year: Junior

Major: Communications

Relationship Status: Happily taken!

Hobbies: Playing drums and piano, hanging out with TC, going to lots of events on campus, ultimate frisbee, writing and people watching in the Union!

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy and Young Frankenstein are classics! But, I also love watching Inception.
How Would You Describe Your Personality? Most would say I’m full of energy, I’m usually bouncing from one thing to the next and my thoughts don’t always keep up with where I’m going next. I like to think I’m pretty friendly, and I love getting to know new people! I’m also still a child at heart, and love just taking moments to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.
Funniest Thing You’ve Done in College: Nearly all the funny moments from college so far have come from working with TC! Before one basketball game in particular, TC was getting ready to run the flag onto the court and was stretching and warming up. As I was standing next to him he threw out his arms and hit me in the face and giving me a very bloody nose. I had to run to the bathroom and try to trust TC to behave while I cleaned myself up.
Best Song to Jam Out to: I love all kinds of music, but right now there’s a special place in my heart for any kind of remix with a real heavy bass beat!
Favorite Weekend Spot in Cedar Falls: Spending time on Cedar Fall’s bike trails, or out at George Wyth State Park is an awesome place to go and relax!
Biggest Pet Peeve: People smacking their lips or eating with their mouths open. Yuck.
If You Could be a Celebrity for a Day, Who Would You Be? I would be Stephen Colbert. Who else can get away with making fun of some of the most respected, or disrespected, people in the world? (Besides John Stewart…)

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