You're Majoring in What? What Are You Going to Do With That?

As a junior communication major, I get these questions more often than I can count. If you're like me, you know what direction you want to go in but don't know the destination. I choose to see that as a positive thing because I get to discover what I want to be by experimenting with courses, research, and internships. 

"You're majoring in what?"

Whether it be communication, history, humanities, or art, there are tons of majors out there that don't necessarily have a direct career path post-graduation. Many don't see the value in these degrees; however, they're just as essential as accounting or engineering. There will always be a need for effective communication, creativity, and knowledge of human behavior. The best part? The skills obtained learning these subjects can be applied to an array of careers.  

No such thing as a wasted degree.

Higher education in general prepares students for the present and future job market. We're not only taught aspects of the field we study, but how to organize and produce great work, manage our time, communicate, work with others, and think critically. Employers look to those attributes in a candidate since technology and job types are constantly changing and adapting.

In the end, it’s not about whether you can memorize definitions in your chem textbook; it’s about having the skills to come up with the answer and produce it effectively in the real world.

So next time you're hit with "You're majoring in what? What are you going to do with that?" Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong major or wasted education as long as you work hard in a career path that fits you. 

"What are you doing with that?"

If you're having trouble answering that question, here's some links to guide you! Don't be afraid to do your own research or meet with a career counselor for help.