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Life as a college student is often characterized by exhilarating nights of adventuring with your friends. And while these nights do exist, they do not make up the entire college experience. When the weekend hits, I like to spend at least one night relaxing at my apartment to recharge my social battery and refresh for the week to come. Below is your guide to making the most of a night in!

have a Spa Night

This might just be me, but something about dorm and apartment living makes me feel gross. The shower here just does not hit like it does at home. So, my first suggestion is to have a spa night! Light a candle, do a deep conditioning hair treatment, apply a face mask, take an everything shower, give yourself a manicure/pedicure or whatever else makes you feel clean and relaxed.

Host a movie night

If you have a group of friends that want to spend a night in together, my best suggestion is to have a movie night! Buy some fun snacks and sweet treats, then cuddle up with fuzzy blankets and a fall movie. Or do it solo! What could be better?

Catch up on sleep

It is 100% acceptable to go to bed at 9 p.m. on a Saturday in college. Believe me, I’ve been there. If you had a crazy stressful week or are battling the Durham plague, no one will judge if you need to spend a night catching up on sleep. 


Check out some Her Campus articles or peruse social media (I suggest TikTok or Pinterest) for some book recommendations! Get a book (start a book swap with friends or check out your local public library), make some tea or hot chocolate and then get reading.

Make some calls

Your quiet night in is the perfect opportunity to call your parents, siblings, friends or any other loved ones to catch up (I promise they would absolutely love to hear from you).

Bake or cook

If you have a kitchen wherever you are living, use it! Whip up your favorite dessert or meal and take time to enjoy it, whether that be sharing with friends or playing a little music to set the scene. For some inspiration, I am a huge fan of soups, all things pumpkin, and pasta dishes in the fall.

Remember that it’s okay to spend some of your weekend nights in college relaxing and prioritizing yourself, so if that’s what you need, do it! Use my list or pick another activity that you love and truly appreciate a quiet, peaceful night, you definitely deserve it.

Kate is a junior occupational therapy student at UNH. She loves books, oat milk lattes, and movie nights!