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Your Bae vs. Your Besties: Balancing Your Relationship and Friendships

Balancing your friendships and relationship can be surprisingly hard at times, and I think some of us can relate to the feelings that a new relationship brings along. There’s that feeling of always wanting to see your Bae every second of every day. That stage in the beginning of a relationship seems more important than anything or anyone, and nothing appears to trump that special time. Those overwhelming feelings of always wanting to see your significant other is completely fine and relatively normal, but we can’t forget or neglect the other people who are just as important to us. Here are five tips to balance your relationship and friendships:


1. Make a schedule

It is extremely important to make time for all the people who mean something to you, so don’t be afraid to make a schedule of things. We are all so busy, and it is already hard to find time to do something other than studying and eating. Next time you make plans with your friends, set an actual time and date, and remember that is it okay to tell your Bae that you already have plans.


2.Girls need girl time just as much as guys need guy time

Sometimes we just need to face the hard truth that some guys NEED guy time. No matter how much they love you and care for you, they just need it. They need that time away from everything to just chill with the guys, and sometimes they may need to vent too. Us girls vent all the time, and that is why girl time is just as important. Where else would we go to vent about our relationship or our period cramps?


3. Don’t neglect your friends


Talk to your friends and keep them in the loop with things. Tell them all about your relationship, and if they truly are your friend, they will want to hear about all the things that are making you happy. It is important to keep your friends in the loop and not forget about them. Who would you go to if something happened in your relationship? Your friends should be there right by your side if anything were to go downward.


4. Spend time apart

It is okay to spend some time apart from each other. That is healthy! It is unhealthy when the only person you see is your Bae. Time spent apart can be your time for yourself. I think it is important to set some time aside for yourself whether or not you’re even in a relationship.


5. Hang out all together

Mix things up. Try bringing your boyfriend/ girlfriends to hang out with your friends, since I bet they are dying to meet each other! Maybe go on a double date with a friend too.

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