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Will Tinder Be The New Cupid?

Social media has had a large impact on our lives, from allowing people to express themselves through a creative platform to an easy way to keep in contact with friends who live across the world.  


With this also comes an easier way to meet new people, perhaps potential soulmates. Platforms such as Eharmony or MatchMaker.com have been around for some time and have largely attracted an older crowd. However, teenagers more often than not have been found on an app known as Tinder. Most know it to be an app where you can easily swipe through numerous people who live within a certain radius of you and potentially match with someone.



When the app first came out, I remember considering it as a hookup app and had never really heard about someone who successfully found a true pairing out of it. Yet, this past year, multiple friends of mine have met their long term matches off of this app.



I had never considered meeting someone online because I felt it would be hard to start a strong relationship based off of the internet, but this had certainly changed my point of view. More and more people are downloading Tinder and giving it a shot based off of the success of peers, that meeting someone online may turn into the new norm. With this being said, it can really potentially change the way relationships work for future generations and the connections we have. The possibility of meeting someone online could turn into only having a relationship online and a small connection in person. On the other hand, meeting someone through Tinder could enhance your chances of meeting someone who is in your most interest, because facts about them are provided right off of the bat. Furthermore, it is easier to end a relationship that has only been online rather than one that has been in progress more in person. Therefore, no time is wasted when searching for your “true love”.



Will Tinder be the new cupid? This will really depend on society. Tinder could just be a popular phase that all teens are going through, and could die out in the upcoming years. On the other hand, Tinder could be revolutionary. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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