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Why Sisters are the Best

Some girls may be blessed to have a sister or more.  Or some girls may not have any sisters, but wish they did.  Lucky for me, I have two sisters that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


The reasons why sisters are the best:

  • Having another closet of clothes to look through.   One of the many pluses of having a sister is that they could have that one piece of clothes or an accessory that you need to make your outfit great!


  • Sharing stories about your girl problems.  Even if they are super embarrassing period stories or how you have not shaved in a while your sister will still laugh with you about it.
  • You always have someone to shop with.  You can try on clothes together and experiment with new fun styles and laugh at each other if  you look ridiculous in something.  


  • They can help you with your hair and make up.  They can teach you new makeup tricks or new hair styles that they have been doing.



  • They can help you pick out the right outfit.  For example you have a hot date and you need to look good your sisters will help you out and make sure you look hot.



  • They will always tell you the truth about your hair, makeup, or outfit.   As painful as it might be the truth hurts and sometimes that’s what you need to hear before you make a fool of yourself.


  • You will always have a best friend.  You will always have someone to cry to about a boy or vent to about how your friends are being annoying.



  • You can vent about your parents or family.  Family and parents can be tough sometimes so you need someone who understands what you can’t stand.  


The next time you get in a fight with your sister just remember why you love her and why she is the best!



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