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Growing up, I feel like it is ingrained in your head that you have to be with someone on Valentine’s Day and you have to do all of the cute things like going out to eat, buying chocolate and teddy bears. Then as I got older it was more ingrained to be single on Valentine’s Day and to buy yourself chocolate and spend it with your “galentine’s.” The roles have changed an insane amount. 

But, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I have gotten my fair share of teddy bears and flowers and boxes of chocolate, yet for some reason, I have felt that it was the “cringiest” holiday, and I really hated being at anything to do with Valentine’s Day. I have never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, it was a holiday that never made any sense. But this year, I fully believe that Tik Tok has changed my mind on the entire holiday. Between seeing the cute desserts, and the fun nail ideas I think I have begun to like Valentine’s Day, not for being in a relationship or being single but because it is a cute holiday. It is a holiday that is supposed to be fun and filled with love no matter where you are in life. It’s fun and full of pink, red, chocolate, candy, stuffed animals and the list somehow manages to go on. 

So, if you have felt like I have every year, simply hated the holiday or some years felt indifferent, go get your nails done, and eat some heart-shaped chocolate and see the good around you on the cheesiest holiday of the year. 

Lover of country music and my dog.
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