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Why I Love Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty



5 Reasons Why I love Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty


Starting on March 17th through April 6th, Ulta holds their 21 Days of Beauty sale. If you do not know what the 21 days of beauty are… I will tell you. Each day for the 21 days, they have certain items that are 50% off. So far, for this past 21 days of beauty, I have purchased two things. The first was a Mac Paint Pot, in the shade Painterly. The original price was $22 and I only paid $11. The second item was the Buxom Lip Cream, in the shade Creamsicle. The original price was $21, so I only paid $10.50. You can go to the store or shop online!


  1. High-end products at a low cost

  • I love the fact I can get prestige brands for lower prices since these brands usually never have sales!

  1. Discover new products

  • This was my first time ever trying a Buxom lip-gloss and I already love it. Since there was a sale, I was more willing to buy it.

  1. New sales every day

  • 21 days of new sales!!! Who doesn’t love that?!

  1. Can use coupons on top of the sales

  • I was able to use the Ulta $3.50 coupon off my total purchase.

  1. Goes towards Ulta’s rewards

  • Who does not like having rewards Also, the more you spend, the more coupons you get!!


I 100% recommend participating in the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty!

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