Whose baby will be cuter; Team Blake or Team Carrie?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in this world it would have to be that Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood are without a doubt two of the most perfect humans to ever be blessed to this planet. We’re usually debating which one should be our Woman Crush Wednesday for the week, but now the real debate is whose baby will be the cutest. So are you Team Blake or Team Carrie?


She first stole our hearts as Bridget in the oldie but goodie movie otherwise known as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and only made us love her more as the one and only Queen of the Upper East Side, Serena Van Der Woodsen, on Gossip Girl. Between the luscious blonde locks, gorgeous baby blues and perfect pearly whites, Blake is undeniable one flawless lady… She can basically do no wrong in this world. Blake is a true natural beauty which is hands down one of her most admirable traits. Aside from all the beauty, she is a great actress and stars in many movies and television series.


Carrie on the other hand made her first debut on season 4 of American Idol where she not only won the whole season but stole America’s heart in the process with her sweet, innocent country bumpkin personality and incredible voice. A blonde bombshell with hazel eyes and perfect pearly whites, not only is Carrie equally as beautiful but have you seen the legs on that girl? I know it is my life goal to obtain her workout routine and get banging legs like hers. Other than her stunning beauty, she is known for her amazing country music and her impressive set of pipes.


Both Carrie and Blake have such amazing qualities which makes it that much harder to decide who will have the better looking baby, so now we move onto the husbands.


Ryan Reynolds can be described in 2 words… bangin’ body. Everybody knows that scene in the movie The Proposal where Ryan and Sandra Bullock get a little too friendly and not to mention naked on the floor after colliding into one another. Aside from enjoying Ryan's hot body, he has been apart of many other films, mainly comedies, where he never fails to make us laugh with his natural sense of humor or bring a smile to our faces (his smile also being pretty perfect).


Mike Fisher is best known for being NHL centerman for the Nashville Predators. Not only is the couple completely adorable off the ice, but by the looks of it Mike's teaching Carrie a few things on the ice. It's not always easy to tell how attractive a hockey player is under all that gear, but I would definitely consider Fisher to be easy on the eyes. The only downfall is that little bit of a crimson chin he's got going on so we can only hope that gene skips a generation.


I know that I can speak for many people when I say that this may be the hardest decision of the decade and I'm not exactly sure whether to go Team Blake or Team Carrie. But if there's one thing I'm certain of it's that both of these babies will without a doubt have quite a loving, luxurious life and by the looks of their parents genes will probably come out an attractive award winning actor/actress, phenomenal famous singer or hot shot NHL player so who can really complain about those odds.