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Alright ladies, I’m the first person to admit I watch the Bachelor and/or the Bachelorette religiously every single week with no shame. While some seasons are definitely more entertaining the others, I somehow get roped into watching the season through every time. Oops. While I am definitely nowhere close to #TeamArie, I have found myself more engaged in this season than I anticipated in the beginning. 

So let’s talk final three

I’m sure most of you are upset Tia went back home to Weiner, but for some reason I never was the biggest fan. Maybe it was because I felt like she seemed to bully or throw other woman under the bus when she didn’t feel confident getting a rose. I’m not sure where my dislike started; however, I do think Tia is beautiful and bubbly and I was also shocked she did not receive a rose. Not to mention Arie’s nonsensical reasoning for sending her home, especially when Kendall had just told him she wasn’t ready to get married. The only thing I can think of is that the producers wanted Tia as the next Bachelorette??? 

Conspiracy theories aside, the next few episodes will definitely be entertaining with the three woman left to win Arie’s heart…


I’m so back and fourth between being Team Lauren and Team Becca (sorry Kendall). I think Lauren is so effortlessly beautiful and you can tell she has a good heart. BUT THAT RBF! I know she can’t help it and clearly we could see that it was inherited from her mom after the hometown date, but come on Lauren just smile. On the other hand, I remember that her fiance left her and then I think that I would probably have RBF after that too… Hopefully she can open up even more to Arie and let him in since we know that he is falling deeply in love with her. 


I honestly think Becca seems too “normal” for the show most of the time. She comes across so real and down-to-earth that it’s hard to picture her going through such a bizarre process like this one. Even her apple orchard hometown date was adorable and seemingly “real world”. Not to mention her strong spirit after the many struggles she’s faced with illnesses in her family. I don’t see their relationship as progressed as his and Lauren’s but hey a lot can happen with two more dates in Bachelor world. 


Honestly just sad after watching this that Kendall can make a boy like her by stuffing a dead rat and I’ve been single my whole life… Jokes and weird taxidermist stuff aside, I do find myself sort-of-kind-of liking Kendall. Even though her family used the hometown date as an obvious way to advertise their subpar jewelry business, they seemed pretty normal and nice. Although I may not understand her completely, I do think Kendall is well-spoken and very confident which is something to be said. Plus, Arie is clearly intrigued enough to give her a rose even after she expressed she wasn’t ready for marriage. 

Three woman, one rose… Who will Arie choose? (Did you read that in Chris Harrison’s voice because I would have…)

Tune back in next Sunday for my live blog of The Women Tell All where we are reintroduced to all the crazies who went home loveless. 

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