When You Give a Girl Roommates

They say you become who you surround yourself with, if this statement holds true, I could not be more blessed to have these incredible ladies I call my roommates in my life.

When you give a girl roommates, you are giving her more than think. You are giving her the girls that will be her bridesmaids, the ones who will carry her up the stairs when she’s had one too many. You give her people she can always count on to order pizza with and to go on coffee dates. You are giving her personal spies when it comes to stalking her new boy on social media. You are giving her the ultimate ride or dies.

Coming into my freshman year I never thought I would end up being best friends with a girl I decided to become roommates with over a cheesy Facebook post. And I never thought that the girls that lived down the hall would be my bunk buddies the following year. I am a strong believer that certain people come into your life with a purpose, and these girls confirm that. 

These three ladies have been my rock since the first semester of freshman year. In that short amount of time, they have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly whether it was drunk or sober. Now, I find myself wondering how I survived before they came into my life.

You encourage me before every exam and comfort me when I know I find out that I bombed it. And for that I thank you. Thank you for finding me as funny as I find myself. Thank you for the throwback jam sessions and stealing fruit from the dining hall with me. Thank you for validating my feelings, no matter how irrelevant they may seem. Thank you for the late nights and hungover mornings. Thank you for being all that you are and the greatest roomies I could ever imagine.

There is no greater stress reliever than coming back from class and seeing your bright faces at the end of every day. I couldn’t do college without you, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. I will forever be grateful that I have you by my side through this adventure.