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What It’s Like Going Out To Eat With Your Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

It the weekend, or a casual Tuesday, and you and your girls are ready to go out to eat! This is not just a simple get together, it becomes more of an event because your night ends up being somewhat like this…

When you and your girls roll into the restaurant looking fly 

Nothing is better than when you walk into a restaurant with your girls and you all not only look but feel hot. You’re locked in your stretchy pants, loaded with your wallet full of money (well…kinda) and ready to have a fun meal together.

When you check out the price of entrees on the menu

You all thought going to this new trendy restaurant would be a good idea until you realize that you forgot to check the prices online before you left the house. 

When you see what someone else is ordering and it sounds good so you eavesdrop

“I’ll have the side of roasted rosemary potatoes with…”

When you’re starving and the waiter sets down a bread basket

*To the waiter six different times* “Can we have more bread when you get the chance? Thanks!”.

When your one friend can’t decide what to order and the waiter is just patiently waiting at your table

We all have that one friend… or we are that one friend. The pressure is on and you can feel every second slowly going by as they sit there going back and forth on what they want. You desperately want to help them decide but sometimes that’s like asking a toddler to solve a rubik’s cube in under fifteen seconds with no prior experience.

When your friend takes forever in the bathroom and the appetizer comes

You all waited a solid five minutes for them to come back…

When you see a cute stranger from across the restaurant and you try to flirt with them while drinking your drink

Special Skills: Seduction

When the waiter asks if you want a refill on your delicious drink

You want to say yes so badly but you resist cause you know it’s going to cost you more money. You promised yourself you were on a budget so you suppress your desires and order a water instead.

When you get hungry again and your entrees are not out yet

The bread and appetizers were not enough to fuel all of your needs so now you are starting to become “hangry”.

When you see the waiter from across the restaurant coming out with your food

It’s the last five or ten minutes before your entree shows up and your “hangry” side has fully taken over. The diva in all of you has emerged and you feel like you’ve been waiting what seems like years for this meal to finally arrive. 

When your food finally arrives

It’s even better than you expected but at this point it doesn’t matter; whatever’s in front of you you’ll eat. 

The Plunge

No one is talking to one another, the only thing that matters to everyone is what’s on their plate. In that moment you start contemplating if you can actually fall in love and marry your entree so that you can share moments like this forever.

When your friend asks to have a bite of your meal

This is not a game Shelby. 

When your friend says, “I’m so full, I can’t finish this!”

Momma didn’t raise no quitter, you’ll take one for the team here. 

When you and your friends are now food (and maybe drink) happy

The “hangry” beast in all of you has gone away so now it’s back to having fun with your newly created food babies in your stomach. 

When the waiter asks if you want dessert and you all listen to the little voice inside of you 

You deserve to treat yourself once and while, so it’s fine!

When the food coma hits you hard

You cannot fathom how you’ve even going to get out of your chair, let alone be able to get home while you’re in this state. You might need someone to carry you or potentially get airlifted out of the restaurant. 

When you see the check

The damage hurts so much that you shove your card in there as quickly as possible and hand it back to the waiter. Why must all the things that make you happy make you sad at the same time? 

When you finally leave the restaurant and regret nothing

You’re all fabulous and flawless so you can do whatever you want. A night out with your friends is a night for a little bit of splurging, so it’s all worth it in the end, right?

In all honesty, life should be spent not on things but on moments in life. So go out and have a ball with your best friends as much as you can! Your bank account will recover eventually. 

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